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Payment Terminal Revolutionized

22 November 2018

Everyday, there are new ideas, new things and new businesses emerging from some confidential basement lab that exists under the streets that we walk past daily. These labs are probably financed by the FBI or an ultra-wealthy Mafia. How else are they coming up with so many ideas with such wonderful marketing in such a short span of time?



Who am I kidding with all these conspiracies. I am now in Starbucks and those two guys seated next sipping their latte looks like the entrepreneurs I see in articles on Facebook. Young, good looking and they seem to have a good grasp of their life.


To keep up with the competition, all businesses have to constantly and provide newer, better solution. How else are we going to survive the ever-innovating generation? Therefore, Weebo have also been working with our secret partners (not the FBI) to come up with a solution that can better service their businesses.



Point-of-Sale in a nutshell

A POS is where your customers complete their transaction with you. At a brick and mortar store, it often encompasses a POS terminal where you ring up the purchases, a scanner, a receipt printer, a credit card terminal, a Nets terminal and maybe multiple static QR codes linking to payment gateways if you are in the F&B and Retail industry.


You may have delivered perfect service throughout. Greeting them when they step in, engaging them in a conversation and successfully convinced them to purchase a product or two. Now it is time for them to pay, you collect the payment and a happy customer will be on their way. That is the ideal scenario, but often, that is not the case.


Customer satisfaction is key in the service industry. Less waiting time, faster processes and minimum hiccups will help to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Multiple devices opens up to more errors and longer waiting time.  Your end of day reconciliation will also be a headache with multiple reports.



How the idea came about

After listening to some complains feedback that our clients have, we feel like it is time for us to provide them with a solution. Some of the common feedback that we often get are:


“I have so many terminals on my countertop, it looks so messy”

“The terminals are so slow, it holds up my queue”

“My staff/I often get confused with all the terminals”

“I have so many reports to generate at the end of the day”


So, what better than to have an all in one mobile POS terminal which accepts Credit card, Debit card, Ezlink, Nets Flashpay, Alipay and WeChat pay. The average time which the device requires to process a transaction is approximately 20 seconds.

Less waiting time = happy customers = more business.

Furthermore, an all in one device translates into a less cluttered table top and more operation space.
In Chinese, there is a phrase that directly translates into every inch of the soil is equivalent to gold. This is especially true in Singapore where space is extremely valuable.


N5 Terminal

Our unified payment solution is now ready to serve the crowd to ensure smoother processes and efficiency at your point of sale. N5 is the solution for those of you who were nodding when I was listing the feedbacks that I collected.


Hardware Software
5.5 inch LED touchscreen display Android OS 5.X
40mm receipt printer Seamless POS integration
Supports magnetic strip and NFC payment All in one payment terminal
Dual camera for QR/barcode scanning Supports Visa, Mastercard, Nets Flashpay, Alipay, WeChat Pay
Micro USB port Supports 4G/Wifi



With the N5 payment terminal, you will be able to process orders, capture data, make payment, issue receipts and view reports. Pay fast, pay smart, with N5, you can redefine you Point of Sale to make it faster and smarter. We want the best for you so if you find that N5 is the solution for your problems then contact us now at sales@weebo.com.sg or 68505177/67432188 to find out more.